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How to navigate through the animations

The following images will explain how easy it is to navigate through our animations

Step #1

Login to LMS (Learning Management System) using provided student credentials and you should see a screen similar to this one:


Step #2

Hover with your mouse over “My Courses” menu,

and select your course.

Upon course selection, you will see a content page of the specific course. Every course is arranged the same way: Literature, followed by animations and quizzes.
Note: Pay attention to the icons next to the text description within your course.

Once you click on desired animation, the screen similar to this should appear:

On the bottom right of every animation you will find the navigation buttons for the specific animation you have selected.

Pause/play buttons will pause and continue the animation, while Stop button will stop the animation and rewind it to the beginning.  Forward and Rewind buttons skip to a specific sections within the animation. Some animations are short and do not have forward and rewind buttons.

Note: Interactive animations (photo below) do not have navigation buttons.

In case that you see the screen without animation (like showed on the image below), it is an indicator that FLASH is not enabled on your system. In this case please refer to THIS PAGE that will help you overcoming this issue.