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How to navigate through the animations

The following images will explain how easy it is to navigate through our animations

Step #1

Select the system you want to learn about from the “E-LEARNING ACCESS” menu on top of our website.

You should see a screen similar to this:

Step #2

On the left side (photo above), you will see Chapter selection buttons.

By clicking on one of them, you should see the screen below, showing the lectures within the chapter.

Step #3

Select the lecture you would like to see…Animation should load on your screen and may look something like this:

On the bottom right of every animation you will find the navigation buttons for the specific animation you have selected.

Pause/play buttons will pause and continue the animation, while Stop button will stop the animation and rewind it to the beginning.  Forward and Rewind buttons skip to a specific sections within the animation. Note: some animations are short and do not have forward and rewind buttons.

Back button in the lower left corner will return you back to the “Lectures within the chapter” selection or “Chapter selection” section, depending on current location within the animation.

 The “Back to ATR website” button is located at the lower left corner of the “Chapter selection” page.

IMPORTANT: Do not use browser back navigation button to navigate within animation ! Due it’s size, it may take a few seconds to load some animations.